As the seasons are changing and we are approaching warmer days, now is the time to assess your plumbing needs. Plumbing problems often present themselves when the seasons change, and you can soon find yourself seeking out professional help and services. There are several ways that you can ready your business’ plumbing systems before any catastrophe happens. Here are a few plumbing maintenance tips and pointers for you to consider: 

Leaking Toilets

Whether it be a silent leak, running water or faucet leak, in bathrooms around your business, it can waste thousands of gallons of water a year. Not only will it increase your water bill, but any kind of leaks can cause major damage and possibly structural damage. Check your water bill regularly and if you notice any unexpected spike in price, call Tourangeau Mechanical to inspect any hidden leaks.  

Sweating Pipes

In the summertime, pipes can display the threat of too much flowing water. Sweating pipes are a common summer occurrence. The pipes sweat because the water inside them is significantly colder than the outside air. This can make your pipes appear as though they are leaking. The concern with sweaty pipes is that they are still wasting water. That is why it is advised to wrap your pipes- just like you would in the winter – which can help protect against waste.  

Clean Sump Pump

The sump pump in your building may be out of sight in the basement, but it is still a vital piece of equipment for keeping your building safe from water damage. When spring arrives, so do the rain showers and it is wise to inspect and test sump pumps regularly in order to prevent water damage. A plumbing professional would be able to inspect and test your sump pump. 

Drain Cleaning

Preventing a clogged drain is possible and relatively easy. A common way to alleviate clogged drains is by pouring an equal mixture of vinegar and hot water down the drains. The acidity of the vinegar will help remove any buildup in your drains. However, if this does not clean out your drains you will need to call a professional plumber to fully clean out your drain and ensure that everything meets all health code regulations.  

Hot Water Heater Temperature

It is common for water heaters to wear out over time, this is due to failures with the thermostat or sediment which causes hot spots in the water heater and a degradation of the heating elements. A common way to know if there is a problem with the hot water heater temperature is when the hot water is not as hot as it should be. When this happens, it is time to call a reliable plumber such as anyone on the Tourangeau Mechanical team.

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