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Backflow Survey

Surveys must be updated every five years, or within 30 days of any hazard level increase. Tourangeau is qualified to prepare survey forms under Schedule “H” of City of Ottawa’s Water By-Law. The survey form must be prepared by a qualified person.

Backflow Maintenance

Mandatory survey testing

The City will begin notifying affected property owners of the requirement to submit an initial survey. Depending on the outcome of the survey, the City of Ottawa will determine what device, if any, needs to be installed within a certain time frame.

A survey will be required every 5 years to make sure the building does not change classification.

backflow survey

Backflow Maintenance

Every device is inspected thoroughly by our experienced tester to confirm its failure. Failure is often cause by debris. Sometimes the devices can simply be cleaned to get a passing result. However, debris and water hammer can damage the internal parts causing failure.


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