5 Questions to Ask Before Hiring an Ottawa Commercial Plumbing Company

1. Do you have a valid license and or insurance ?

This is one of the most important questions to ask before you decide to hire a commercial plumber. The commercial plumbing company you choose to go with should guarantee that all their employees are licensed, insured, and bonded. 

The license and insurance that the plumbing company carries will protect your business from accidents. A licensed plumber will ensure that all plumbing installations, repairs, or maintenance jobs are completed as per plumbing and building codes.  

2. Do you provide warranties ? 

Commercial plumbing companies typically guarantee their labour when providing services to businesses. Warranties often cover the work and parts for 90 days or 1 year, however this depends on the plumbing company. Before signing any contracts, make sure ask your plumber how long the work is guaranteed.  

3. How are your rates calculated ? 

All plumbing companies have their own way of calculating rates. They can either be fixed rates or charged by the hour. Fixed rates include materials and labour costs, and hourly rates can include travel time and emergency service costs.

To avoid any unnecessary overcharges, ask your plumber how much they plan to charge you. Additionally, ask them what type of payments they accept and when would the payment be expected.  

Plumbing companies may ask for a down payment or increments to be paid after project milestones have been completed. This is typically the case for larger plumbing projects. Note that, if a plumber asks you to pay the entire price upfront before the job begins, it’s best to hold off on them and search for another company.  

4. Do you outsource the work ?

Some plumbing companies outsource their workers so they can get more jobs done faster. Although this is an efficient practice, you should still ask the plumbing company if they outsource their work, so you know who is coming to do the job.  

The best way to ensure you get someone trustworthy is by asking the plumbing company about the experience and qualifications of their subcontractors. These individuals should have the same amount of training, licenses, and insurance as everyone else in the company.

5. Do you outsource the work ?

Asking the plumbing company whether they have the necessary experience will help you determine if they are the right fit for your job. By doing a quick Google search you may be able to see any testimonials and reviews other clients posted after a job. If not, simply ask the business about their recent jobs, they are likely to talk about their accomplishments.  

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COVID-19 Update – Backflow Prevention Program

Commercial Plumbing

Our backflow services remain operational, here are a few things you need to know:  

Surveys requests and reviews

Our backflow team is currently completing surveys. Additionally, we are continuing to review and provide survey responses. In response to the pandemic, you can request an extension on your survey submission due date. The backflow prevention program requires that all overdue surveys be completed within 60 days after the state of emergency is lifted by the City of Ottawa. 

Backflow installation

You can request an extension for your backflow installation. When requesting an extension for your installation service please include the following in your email:  

  • Property address,  
  • Original due date 
  • Proposed new date  

If you need to request an extension for backflow installation, please Contact Us

Backflow maintenance and testing

Tourangeau Mechanical is continuing to schedule maintenance and testing appointments. If you wish to request an extension for your maintenance appointment. 

Submitting Building Permit applications 

You can submit your complete application with payment (cheque) via courier to: 

City of Ottawa – Building Code Services
100 Constellation Drive
Ottawa, ON
K2G 6J8 

Alternatively, Tourangeau Mechanical can submit your application for you. 

                                                   In need of Backflow services? Contact Us today to discuss your options!