Questions To Ask Plumbers


1. Do you have a valid license and or insurance ?

This is one of the most important questions to ask before you decide to hire a commercial plumber. The commercial plumbing company you choose to go with should guarantee that all their employees are licensed, insured, and bonded. 

The license and insurance that the plumbing company carries will protect your business from accidents. A licensed plumber will ensure that all plumbing installations, repairs, or maintenance jobs are completed as per plumbing and building codes.  

2. Do you provide warranties ? 

Commercial plumbing companies typically guarantee their labour when providing services to businesses. Warranties often cover the work and parts for 90 days or 1 year, however this depends on the plumbing company. Before signing any contracts, make sure ask your plumber how long the work is guaranteed.  

3. How are your rates calculated ? 

All plumbing companies have their own way of calculating rates. They can either be fixed rates or charged by the hour. Fixed rates include materials and labour costs, and hourly rates can include travel time and emergency service costs.

To avoid any unnecessary overcharges, ask your plumber how much they plan to charge you. Additionally, ask them what type of payments they accept and when would the payment be expected.  

Plumbing companies may ask for a down payment or increments to be paid after project milestones have been completed. This is typically the case for larger plumbing projects. Note that, if a plumber asks you to pay the entire price upfront before the job begins, it’s best to hold off on them and search for another company.  

4. Do you outsource the work ?

Some plumbing companies outsource their workers so they can get more jobs done faster. Although this is an efficient practice, you should still ask the plumbing company if they outsource their work, so you know who is coming to do the job.  

The best way to ensure you get someone trustworthy is by asking the plumbing company about the experience and qualifications of their subcontractors. These individuals should have the same amount of training, licenses, and insurance as everyone else in the company.

5. Do you outsource the work ?

Asking the plumbing company whether they have the necessary experience will help you determine if they are the right fit for your job. By doing a quick Google search you may be able to see any testimonials and reviews other clients posted after a job. If not, simply ask the business about their recent jobs, they are likely to talk about their accomplishments.  

If your business is in need of a trusted commercial plumber, Tourangeau Mechanical is here to help. Our experienced commercial plumbers can deal with all commercial plumbing issues, including backflow repairs, clogged drain, broken water meter, pipe replacement, and sewer pump repairs, and more. Learn more about our services and on how we can help you fix any commercial plumbing problem. 

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Backflow Prevention Program

Backflow Prevention

Welcome to Tourangeau Mechanical’s Backflow Prevention Program, your trusted partner in safeguarding the purity of your water supply. Our comprehensive program is designed to prevent backflow incidents, which can lead to contamination of your potable water.

Why Choose Our Backflow Prevention Program?

At Tourangeau Mechanical, we prioritize the safety and quality of your water. Here’s why our Backflow Prevention Program is the ideal choice:

  1. Expert Testing: Our experienced technicians conduct thorough backflow testing to ensure your prevention devices are functioning optimally. This proactive approach helps identify issues before they become a problem.

  2. Maintenance Excellence: Regular maintenance is crucial for the longevity and effectiveness of backflow prevention devices. We offer scheduled maintenance services to keep your systems in top shape.

  3. Installation Services: If you need a new backflow prevention device, we provide expert installation services, tailored to your specific requirements.

  4. Compliance Assurance: We understand the importance of compliance with local regulations and standards. Our program ensures that your backflow prevention systems meet all necessary requirements.

Protect Your Water Supply Today

Don’t compromise on the safety and quality of your water. Join Tourangeau Mechanical’s Backflow Prevention Program and enjoy peace of mind, knowing that your water supply is in expert hands.”

5 Plumbing Tips for Spring Plumbing

Plumbing Tips for Spring Plumbing

As the seasons are changing and we are approaching warmer days, now is the time to assess your plumbing needs. Plumbing problems often present themselves when the seasons change, and you can soon find yourself seeking out professional help and services. There are several ways that you can ready your business’ plumbing systems before any catastrophe happens. Here are a few plumbing maintenance tips and pointers for you to consider: 

Leaking Toilets

Whether it be a silent leak, running water or faucet leak, in bathrooms around your business, it can waste thousands of gallons of water a year. Not only will it increase your water bill, but any kind of leaks can cause major damage and possibly structural damage. Check your water bill regularly and if you notice any unexpected spike in price, call Tourangeau Mechanical to inspect any hidden leaks.  

Sweating Pipes

In the summertime, pipes can display the threat of too much flowing water. Sweating pipes are a common summer occurrence. The pipes sweat because the water inside them is significantly colder than the outside air. This can make your pipes appear as though they are leaking. The concern with sweaty pipes is that they are still wasting water. That is why it is advised to wrap your pipes- just like you would in the winter – which can help protect against waste.  

Clean Sump Pump

The sump pump in your building may be out of sight in the basement, but it is still a vital piece of equipment for keeping your building safe from water damage. When spring arrives, so do the rain showers and it is wise to inspect and test sump pumps regularly in order to prevent water damage. A plumbing professional would be able to inspect and test your sump pump. 

Drain Cleaning

Preventing a clogged drain is possible and relatively easy. A common way to alleviate clogged drains is by pouring an equal mixture of vinegar and hot water down the drains. The acidity of the vinegar will help remove any buildup in your drains. However, if this does not clean out your drains you will need to call a professional plumber to fully clean out your drain and ensure that everything meets all health code regulations.  

Hot Water Heater Temperature

It is common for water heaters to wear out over time, this is due to failures with the thermostat or sediment which causes hot spots in the water heater and a degradation of the heating elements. A common way to know if there is a problem with the hot water heater temperature is when the hot water is not as hot as it should be. When this happens, it is time to call a reliable plumber such as anyone on the Tourangeau Mechanical team.

Are you in need of some assistance getting your company’s plumbing ready for spring? Call Tourangeau Mechanical today!

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Providing commercial plumbing services in Ottawa

Tourangeau Mechanical Plumbing Office

For more than 20 years, Tourangeau Mechanical Plumbing has been providing customer-focused commercial and industrial plumbing services in Ottawa. Led by President Scott Varin, our team strives to remain at the top of our field, and we are committed to the ongoing training of all our employees.

There is no doubt that commercial plumbing is different from residential plumbing. Commercial Plumbing requires the best equipment to get the job done and reliable licensed plumbers with commercial and industrial plumbing service experience. Tourangeau Mechanical Plumbing is your full-service plumbing solution provider. Whether you need plumbing design and installation for your new commercial property or want to winterize buildings, our team of expert technicians can help. Our service options include:

  • Backflow Testing and Prevention
  • Backflow Prevention Program
  • Commercial Plumbing Fit-Up
  • Toilet Installation/Service/Repairs
  • Water Meter Replacement
  • New Commercial Construction
  • Flush Valve Servicing
  • Valve Replacement
  • Building Winterizing and Spring Reopening
  • Seismic Bracing for Plumbing Systems and HWTs
  • Sink and Faucet Replacement
  • Confined Space Entry
  • 24-hour Emergency

In need of a reliable and professional commercial plumbing in Ottawa? Contact Tourangeau Mechanical, your Ottawa commercial plumbing specialists! Have questions for our experts? Give us a call or fill out the form below for a quote. Our technicians and estimators work together to effectively estimate your commercial plumbing projects.

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Emergency commercial plumbing in Ottawa

Emergency commercial plumbing in Ottawa

Emergencies can happen at any time! When time is of the essence, Tourangeau Mechanical has the knowledge and experience to provide you with swift and efficient emergency service when you most need it. Our emergency plumbers in Ottawa can solve any of your commercial and industrial plumbing issues quickly.  

Tourangeau Mechanical plumbing experts are on call 24 hours a day and can provide a full range of emergency services including toilet repairs, fixing clogged drains, water leaks, water damage, and much more.

Tourangeau Mechanical provides 24/7 emergency services in the Ottawa Region. Our on-call technician will happily assess the situation over the phone and on-site to provide you with the best course of action.

Here’s why companies choose Tourangeau Mechanical for all their Emergency Plumbing Services:

  1. 24/7 Emergency Services: Tourangeau Mechanical provides 24/7 emergency plumbing services in the Ottawa region.
  2. 20 + years of Plumbing Experience: Since 1995, Tourangeau Mechanical Plumbing has provided customer-focused commercial and industrial plumbing services in Ottawa.
  3. 15 + years of Backflow Testing Experience: Tourangeau Mechanical has been providing backflow testing services for commercial clients in Ottawa since 2001.
  4. Licensed Plumbers: Tourangeau Mechanical has reliable licensed plumbers with commercial service experience who are ready to serve you.

Have questions for our experts? Send us a message!

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Top 5 tips to prevent damage from pipes freezing

How to prevent pipes from freezing

Canadian winters are long and cold in Ottawa and therefore can cause serious damage to pipes in homes, commercial properties, and buildings. Damage to pipes can leave you without water or worse pipes exploding causing costly damage. Prevention is the key so that’s why we want to share some valuable tips with you to prevent damage from pipes freezing.

  1. It is important that you know where to find your water shut-off valve (in case your pipes burst);
  2. Identify the pipes most likely to freeze and insulate them with foam Insulation;
  3. Seal air leaks from your home, garage, commercial property, and building to prevent cold air from entering the building causing your pipes to freeze;
  4. The exterior hose bibs on the outside of your house, commercial property and buildings are the first to freeze: unscrew the hoses, turn off the water supply inside the hose, open the valve outside and let the faucets drain; and,
  5. Keep things warm. Open the cabinet doors of the kitchen, bathrooms, laundry so that hot air circulates through these spaces because those pipes usually get cold.

NOTE: Never use a flame as this creates a fire hazard. Open flame torches are the most common cause of domestic fires associated with defrosting pipes.

Remember, that emergencies can happen at any time! Tourangeau Mechanical provides 24/7 emergency services in the Ottawa region. Our on-call technician has the knowledge and experience to provide you with swift and efficient service when you most need it.dmange 

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Complying with the new Ottawa backflow prevention program bylaw

City of Ottawa

The City of Ottawa’s Backflow Prevention Program protects drinking water quality by ensuring the appropriate installation and inspection of devices that prevent contaminated water from flowing back into the City’s water distribution system.

The City of Ottawa Backflow Program came into effect on June 28, 2017.

The program will effect around 15,000 industrial, commercial properties in the Ottawa area that are at risk of backflow incidents.

  • Owners with severe backflow incidents will have 1 year to complete a site survey and 1 year to install backflow devices.
  • Owners of moderate backflow incidents will have 1 year to complete a site survey and 2 years to install backflow devices.

Backflow Prevention Survey

If you receive a letter from the City of Ottawa, you must hire a certified backflow surveyor to perform a building survey. Once this has been completed the City will confirm and approve the survey.

Depending on the outcome of the survey, the City of Ottawa will determine what device, if any, needs to be installed within a certain time frame.

A survey will be required every 5 years to make sure the building does not change classification.

Tourangeau Mechanical can help every step of the way, from the backflow survey, installation of a new device to annual backflow testing.

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**Now Hiring** Looking for a licensed plumber with commercial experience**

licensed plumber

Tourangeau Mechanical has reliable licensed plumbers with commercial plumbing service experience. We are always looking for skilled individuals to join our team.

Basic Requirements:

  • Certificate of Qualification (Plumbing) issued from the Ministry of Training Colleges;
  • Good knowledge of plumbing codes and standards;
  • Ability to read blueprints and schematics
  • Ability to perform calculations related to the trade;
  • Ability to interact well with a variety of individuals.

Complementary Qualifications:

  • Certified in Cross Connections and Backflow Prevention;
  • Confined Space Entry knowledge training;
  • CPR training, WHMIS, Working at Heights Training.

We offer competitive wages and benefits. Ready to join our team?

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Storm water management

Storm water

“The heavy rains that descended on Ottawa this past week are what they used to call a one-in-100-year” storm, the kind of disaster that could catch any of us off-guard” Ottawa Citizen.

Recent incidences of flooding in Canada and particularly in the Ottawa region has residents and businesses looking for helpful storm water management solutions.

Robert Heller, executive director for the Canadian Water and Waste Water Association and Stephanie Cairns, director of cities and communities for Smart Prosperity Institute, at the University of Ottawa recently wrote an article about what it would take to flood proof our cities.

Fastest emergency plumbing service in Ottawa!

Fastest emergency plumbing service in Ottawa!

Plumbing emergencies happen at any time which can be a headache!

Your commercial business needs to function as a well-oiled machine day after day. Dangerous plumbing emergencies can put the productivity and safety of your organization’s employees at risk.

Plumbing problems can cause serious damage and costly repairs if they are not resolved. Even if you are not sure what the problem is, it is always better to call our Tourangeau Mechanical plumbing experts and let them assess the situation.

Let us help you alleviate the pain in the fastest and most comprehensive way. We may not be able to use the Tourangeau Mechanical Plane, but our technicians will be there quickly!

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