Is your toilet water constantly running?

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The most common problem that usually occurs in commercial business is the toilet water constantly running. One of the main reasons this happens is because there is air or pressure trapped in the pipes. This creates a vibration that is generated in the tank float.

This can be very frustrating due to the constant noise from leaking water but most of all it can lead to a significant increase on your water bill.

Commercial customers can save money by fixing the problem as soon as it appears. Tourangeau Mechanical will send experts on site to fix your running toilet. Contact us now!

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Ottawa Pushing For Backflow Preventers


“Thousands of large buildings in Ottawa, including hospitals, schools, businesses and apartment complexes, should be required to install “backflow prevention devices” to protect the quality of drinking water, the city has recommended.

The devices will cost between $500 and $20,000 per building, with building owners paying the cost.  The staff recommendation to change the city’s water bylaws will bring Ottawa into line with 30 other municipalities across the province, including Toronto, Hamilton and London.” Ottawa Citizen.

Read the news article from the Ottawa Citizen.

Do you have any questions about drinking water quality in Ottawa?

City of Ottawa

“Every day, the City of Ottawa’s central water supply provides safe drinking water to approximately 865,000 commercial, and industrial customers. Using the Ottawa River as its source, drinking water is treated at two purification plants and subsequently distributed through more than 3,000 kilometres of water mains before arriving at your tap. In rural areas, the City operates six groundwater well systems.” City of Ottawa.

The city of Ottawa has helpful information regarding your drinking water. You can find it on the City of Ottawa website.