Our backflow services remain operational, here are a few things you need to know:  

Surveys requests and reviews

Our backflow team is currently completing surveys. Additionally, we are continuing to review and provide survey responses. In response to the pandemic, you can request an extension on your survey submission due date. The backflow prevention program requires that all overdue surveys be completed within 60 days after the state of emergency is lifted by the City of Ottawa. 

Backflow installation

You can request an extension for your backflow installation. When requesting an extension for your installation service please include the following in your email:  

  • Property address,  
  • Original due date 
  • Proposed new date  

If you need to request an extension for backflow installation, please Contact Us

Backflow maintenance and testing

Tourangeau Mechanical is continuing to schedule maintenance and testing appointments. If you wish to request an extension for your maintenance appointment. 

Submitting Building Permit applications 

You can submit your complete application with payment (cheque) via courier to: 

City of Ottawa – Building Code Services
100 Constellation Drive
Ottawa, ON
K2G 6J8 

Alternatively, Tourangeau Mechanical can submit your application for you. 

                                                   In need of Backflow services? Contact Us today to discuss your options! 

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