Backflow Prevention Program

Backflow Prevention

Welcome to Tourangeau Mechanical’s Backflow Prevention Program, your trusted partner in safeguarding the purity of your water supply. Our comprehensive program is designed to prevent backflow incidents, which can lead to contamination of your potable water.

Why Choose Our Backflow Prevention Program?

At Tourangeau Mechanical, we prioritize the safety and quality of your water. Here’s why our Backflow Prevention Program is the ideal choice:

  1. Expert Testing: Our experienced technicians conduct thorough backflow testing to ensure your prevention devices are functioning optimally. This proactive approach helps identify issues before they become a problem.

  2. Maintenance Excellence: Regular maintenance is crucial for the longevity and effectiveness of backflow prevention devices. We offer scheduled maintenance services to keep your systems in top shape.

  3. Installation Services: If you need a new backflow prevention device, we provide expert installation services, tailored to your specific requirements.

  4. Compliance Assurance: We understand the importance of compliance with local regulations and standards. Our program ensures that your backflow prevention systems meet all necessary requirements.

Protect Your Water Supply Today

Don’t compromise on the safety and quality of your water. Join Tourangeau Mechanical’s Backflow Prevention Program and enjoy peace of mind, knowing that your water supply is in expert hands.”

The backflow prevention program keeps Ottawa’s drinking water safe

City of Ottawa

Under the new Ottawa bylaw or what municipalities across Ontario are calling the Backflow prevention program, owners will be needing to install backflow device and perform annual backflow testing and maintenance to ensure water the City’s potable water supply is safe from contaminants.
Backflow prevention programs are already mandated across many Ontario municipalities, including Toronto, Hamilton, London, Markham and Waterloo.

Approximately 14,000 commercial, and industrial buildings and homes in Ottawa will require an assessment (backflow prevention survey) to determine the level of risk. Severe and moderate risk buildings will be required to install a backflow prevention device.

Tourangeau Mechanical has 20+ years of Backflow Testing experience and currently tests over 700 backflows annually in the Ottawa area. We will work with owners across the Ottawa valley to test and install backflow prevention devices.

For more information, or to get in touch with one of our certified backflow prevention experts your please contact us.

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Complying with the new Ottawa backflow prevention program bylaw

City of Ottawa

The City of Ottawa’s Backflow Prevention Program protects drinking water quality by ensuring the appropriate installation and inspection of devices that prevent contaminated water from flowing back into the City’s water distribution system.

The City of Ottawa Backflow Program came into effect on June 28, 2017.

The program will effect around 15,000 industrial, commercial properties in the Ottawa area that are at risk of backflow incidents.

  • Owners with severe backflow incidents will have 1 year to complete a site survey and 1 year to install backflow devices.
  • Owners of moderate backflow incidents will have 1 year to complete a site survey and 2 years to install backflow devices.

Backflow Prevention Survey

If you receive a letter from the City of Ottawa, you must hire a certified backflow surveyor to perform a building survey. Once this has been completed the City will confirm and approve the survey.

Depending on the outcome of the survey, the City of Ottawa will determine what device, if any, needs to be installed within a certain time frame.

A survey will be required every 5 years to make sure the building does not change classification.

Tourangeau Mechanical can help every step of the way, from the backflow survey, installation of a new device to annual backflow testing.

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Want to know more about backflow testing?

Zurn Wilkin

Backflow is the unwanted flow of contaminated water reversing into your clean potable water supply system. Backflow is typically caused when there is an abnormal drop in water pressure coming from your home and contaminate water is siphoned back into your clean water supply. This is typically referred to as back-siphonage and/or back pressure.

Check out Zurn’s backflow testing guide for a Zurn Wilkins 350 3/4 inch to 1 inch.

Ottawa Pushing For Backflow Preventers


“Thousands of large buildings in Ottawa, including hospitals, schools, businesses and apartment complexes, should be required to install “backflow prevention devices” to protect the quality of drinking water, the city has recommended.

The devices will cost between $500 and $20,000 per building, with building owners paying the cost.  The staff recommendation to change the city’s water bylaws will bring Ottawa into line with 30 other municipalities across the province, including Toronto, Hamilton and London.” Ottawa Citizen.

Read the news article from the Ottawa Citizen.